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I was curious at what the talents looked like.  I heard they were really different! So I looked, and I decided that this is 100% post worthy.  Here it is.

So my first reaction to clicking on the cute little priest tab is…What the butt! Really? Seriously? I’m ready for the punch line.

A 3 by 6 box appears, and 18 talent options become available.  You may chose  1 box from each row, amounting to 6 talents.  No, you didn’t read that wrong.  6.  That’s it.  I know what you may be thinking, are you freaking kidding me? That was my exact reaction.  I am not a huge lore follower, and I honestly like Pandas so that part of it is cute.  But the talent tree!! Oh my Atlanta.  What are they trying to do? Take away all personalization, and a core part of what makes each toon unique? If I am missing some master plot to make this okay, please someone enlighten me!

At a first glance, I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, I am not to fond of this talent situation.  I am a very casual player, I enjoy learning new things and the difficulties presented by the game, but I feel like Blizzard is dumbing down the game to appeal to the masses.  I am trying not to make to many assumptions before I actually experience the changes…but they do not look promising!




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So, it’s right before the patch and things in World of Warcraft are a little “less” exciting.  Healing is especially boring.  I have two healing specs on my priest, so dpsing (not that I ever would!) is out.  So what am I doing to pass time?

1. Continue the never-ending fight against Ragnaros! We are down to raiding only 2 nights a week, for 3 hours.  3 hours of pulling Rag is enough to make me want to claw my eyes out, but make heals not pain! We are so close.  I hope we get him before the next patch.

2. My favorite thing in the world! acquiring more pets 🙂 I absolutely adore pets, and I just reached my 120th pet today after farming Mr. Grubbs for 3 hours.  I also got my Illustrious Grand Master in archaeology.  I still need 4/5 of those pets.  Soooo that is my next mission! I also recommend Mr. Grubbs to any pet lovers 🙂 I have a feeling he will be a nice contender in the pet battling system.  He somersaults over your head! He is quite the little acrobat.  Also, I was farming him in the Eastern Plaguelands and Deathwing lit up my spot and popped my angel! :O His days are numbered!

3. Fire sitting.  Yes, I’m guilty of logging on Wow just to pass time, and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. My favorite spot to sit and talk away is in Orgrimmar in the Valley of Wisdom.  There is a giant bonfire to the left of the banker Tatepi.  I don’t like leaving my Priestess just chilling in the middle of nowhere! Mounts sit on her and everything.  Plus my guildies all roam up there, so its a great place!

4. Leveling alts.  Up until this year I had one 85, my priest.  Recently, I leveled my Hunter, and holy Pally to 85.  I’ve raided casually on both of them recently, but I’m not overly comfortable with either of them.  With the patch coming up so quickly, I think I would become aggravated to learn them, and then have them change.  I think I’m going to take it easy when it comes to altage for now.

 Honestly, with RL college work, and an awesome social life these things listed above are not too boring.  I’m not easily entertained however! So I’m anxiously awaiting the patch 🙂 Yay!



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Could you imagine a World of Warcraft without pets? No.  It’s almost a nightmare, or like one of those low-budget horror movies.   I believe Zombieland said it best by saying “Enjoy the little things.”  And that for me, are the pets!

I currently have 115 pets (without farming).  There are a couple of rituals I have that I do daily when it comes to pets. 

1. Check the AH.  I watch for pets that I don’t have, and I’ll also watch the prices so I become familiar with what a “pet sale” looks like.  I’ve dropped 5k on pets before, but the sale was there!  I have every single pet in the AH, except a few rarer ones that pop up every now and again for like 12k.  (ouch!)

2. I pay attention to holiday pets.  Sometimes Blizz sneaks in a new pet, and other times there will be a pet available that I was not aware of.  I check up on this on my faithful pet site.   This site is very very helpful when it comes to pet collecting. 

It seems though that I have reached the point where I have to start farming.  My first farm pets are the Kirin Tor Familiar, and the Giant Sewer Rat. 

There is a guide to the Kirin Tor Familiar here.  I set my hearth to Dal, and the first thing I did was run around to all the book locations to see if they had spawned.  I found some books this way, and other books I would sit and wait for if I had time.  I found it best to look for books early in the morning, or late at night server time. 

The nice thing about farming the rat in the underbelly of Dal is that I could book hunt, and fish for the rat at the same time.  I’ve had more luck book hunting than I have had with rat hunting! My eyes glaze over fishing for that little devil!

So far I have been book hunting for almost two weeks off and on, and I have one book left to aquire…and one damn rat O:)

But these are two logical pets to farm together, so hopefuly I’m successful in the near future! 125 pets here I come!

x’s and o’s


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I’ve been on this “I want to learn new things!” kick recently.   I absolutely adore my priest, and lately I’ve been loosing

Morgan Freeman

I just ❤ this picture of Morgan Freeman!

interest in the game, so I figured this could be refreshing.  My priest has been my main forever.  I never changed it, because honestly I love it.  My main spec has always been holy.  I know it up, down, sideways–perhaps even inside out! I used to play around in the shadow spec for years (even though I pretended I didn’t have it O:) ), but for this expansion I needed to take on a tank healing spec, so I started teaching myself disc.

I’m the only fulltime raiding priest in my guild, and really the only priest that is healing raids.  We used to have another disc priest that raided with us, but she had to step away from the game.  In a way, I like having the opportunity to raid with other priests, so I can A) Learn new things and B) Improve.   And who doesn’t like a little priest on priest action? I mean really. 

Anyways,  I raid the Firelands with my guild, so I decided to start pugging BoT and Bwd.  I recently pugged Bwd, and I was very excited to of had the opportunity to run with two other priests.  I believe they were both running disc, and I was running holy.  One of the priests was putting out pretty nice numbers, so I checked into what spells he was using and so on.  He took me by surprise when he whispered me complimenting my healing.  I could have melted! I hate compliments! But, I thanked him. 

I think overall it is important to get outside of the guild sometimes.  There are opprotunities to meet lots of fun new people, learn new things, and to also see things from a different point of view.  It was refreshing, and a few members of my guild even came in, which is always nice.  

Personally, I used to not raid outside of the guild much.  Some people seemed to get a little nervous when I had in the past, but there’s no harm in raiding old content.  I know pugs can be frustrating, but I’m hoping to slip into a few good ones over the next few weeks 🙂

Wish me luck!


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