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Happy 4.3! It was very refreshing to see new content, and meet some new challenges.  Here are the patch notes for 4.3.  To help myself better understand all the changes, I’m going to go over them and also offer my opinion on the changes made.  Are you excited?! Here we go!

Divine Hymn: Now affects 5 targets up from 3.  FINALLY! I have always been jealous of other classes CD’s.  It’s never a good feeling to be on a CD rotation and have to pop Divine Hymn, but also spam Prayer of Healing because your CD just wasn’t cutting it.   I think this is an aspect of that talent that was due for this type of TLC.  Thank you Blizz 🙂


  • Atonement will now account for the target enemy’s combat reach when calculating proper range, enabling it to be used on large creatures such as Ragnaros and Ala’kir. 
  • Divine Aegis has a new spell effect.  Critical heals, and all heals from PoH create a protective shield on the target, absorbing 30% of the amount healed.  Lasts 15 seconds.


  • Spirit of Redemption has been rebuilt to address a few functionality issues and make it more responsive. Spirit of Redemption otherwise remains unchanged.  I’m tempted just to kill my toon so I can try to notice these changes…LOL.  They must be very subtle changes.
  • State of Mind has been redesigned and is now called Heavenly Voice. Heavenly Voice increases the healing done by Divine Hymn by 50/100%, and reduces the cooldown of Divine Hymn by 2.5/5 minutes.  (I”m currently not specced into this, and I think it is  a must in order to balance your CD’s with other classes.) 
  • Guardian Spirit’s healing bonus has been increased to 60%, up from 40%.
  • Holy Word: Serenity now has a cooldown of 10 seconds, down from 15 seconds.


  • Glyph of Circle of Healing now also increases the mana cost of Circle of Healing by 20%This is something to watch out for.  It seems customary to use Circle of Healing as a no brainer, and using it at inappropriate times now  will end up hurting your efficiency.   

Holy has been overlooked in Cataclysm, and I’ve seen many situations where Disc has been preferred in raids over holy.  One of the arguments was that holy lacked a strong CD, until now.  With State of Mind being replaced by Heavenly Voice, and the amount of targets going up from 3 to 5,  I believe that holy will be more attractive as far as CD’s are concerned.  Holy is making a bit of a comeback in this patch, and it’s exciting! 🙂


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