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It’s just magical when you find an ordinary dress that matches so perfectly with some pretty awesome tier pieces! This outfit literally transcends my toon onto a whole other plane of awesomeness.  See the sparkle in my toons eye? Actually, that’s a fairly misleading shot of her.  I think when I made her I chose the “Snotty McSnotster” face.  She always looks so mean! I guess a healer has to have a backbone to deal with all the boneheads.  Oh wait…what’s that in her hand?

Saucy Level: Spicy with a side of heartburn

Head: Hidden

Shoulders: Pauldrons of Transcendence

Chest: Twilight Robe

Waist: Belt of Transcendence

Legs: (sexy stockings)

Feet: Boots of Transcendence

Mainhand: Stinking Skull Mace

Offhand: Basilisk Bone


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If this thought has crossed your mind before–speaking from a healers standpoint–“What the hell did you do to him/her this time?!” 🙂 Do you hear Puddle of Mud’s “She Hates Me” playing in your head? One thing that every player should know–whether he/she is the tank, dps, bench warmer, or sub–do not piss off the healer.  We do not easily forget, and some of us don’t forgive easily! I personally have a Little Black book that I SLAM names into every time they tick me off.  They would be foolish to think that I would forget.  I still remember when our Rogue got control of a fiery bird in Firelands…turned it on ME and fried me to a crisp.  It was on from that point forward.  Needless to say, I wasn’t healing him very much after that.

So what do you do when your healer hates you?! There is redemption, and there are a few ways to even secure yourself a warm place on the healers grid.

How NOT to piss off your healer

1.  Move your toosh out of stuff.  Nothing is worse than having to heal a player who goes swimming in fire patches.

2. Don’t kill your healer! AKA Rogue Trixing their healers probably isn’t a good idea! (no hate there, no way!)

3.Don’t ever, under ANY circumstances refer to the healers as “Heals.” We all have names! How would you like to be called, “hey tank,” “Yo hunter.” No. Just no.  Don’t do it.

4. Never ever ask for heals unless you are priority.  Under certain circumstances, the tank/raid leader may call out for needed assistance.  This is fine.  What isn’t fine is when a player assumes that the healer is so dumb that they can’t comprehend who needs heals.  Hey, if you are priority you will be healed! Nothing is more annoying than being told how to do your job, or who to heal.  We can figure it out 🙂 kthx.

How to secure a warm spot on your healers grid 🙂 (Disclaimer: This may differ from healer to healer, but as far as my warm-souled self is concerned, these are MY basics!)

1. Hug your healer.  I love hugs. 🙂

2. Have you ever spoken to your healer? Get to know ’em! The more someone knows about you, the more inclined they are to keep you in tip top shape! ( I personally heal people who talk to me, and are nice 🙂 I feel like I try to keep them in better health O:) )

3.Play a priest, and announce your undying love for priests.  ❤ Hehe, no bias there! Not at all!

4. Give your healer presents! Hey, bribery isn’t dead!

5. Stand in our aoe healing thingies 🙂 they don’t bite!

Pretty basic, am I right? Overall, Tanks get priority when it comes to healing, but don’t slack off and think that there isn’t a priority list among DPS.  Are you in your healers little black book? Where do you lie on the “list”? 🙂



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This hot little Tomale is a favorite transmog of mine! Not only does it look like she’s wearing thigh highs, but the smoldering shoulders, and animation of the Maw are just AMAZING together.  CHECK IT OUT!

Saucy Level: Hot Tomale!!

Head: Outlander’s Facewrap of Intellect

Shoulders: Mantle of Cleansing Flame

Chest: Crimson Silk Vest

Belt: Girdle of Prophecy

Wrist: Fireheart Bracers of the Seer

Hands: Black Mageweave Gloves

Legs: Black Mageweave Leggings

Feet: Duskwoven Sandals of the Owl

Mainhand: Maw of the Dragonlord

Offhand: Ledger of Revolting Rituals

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So, to make this a little bit more entertaining for myself I’m going to start posting a series of transmogs that I really like.  I change my BE Priest’s outfits ALL the time, and the outfits are so cute! Enjoy! 🙂




















Head: Silk Headband

Shoulders: Mantle of Absolution

Chest: Mystic’s Wrap

Bracers: Crocolisk’s Hide Bindings

Waist: Serenity Belt

Legs: Barbaric Loincloth

Feet: Boots of Transcendence

Mainhand: Melia’s Magnifigant Scepter

Offhand: Branch of Sinful Reprieve

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So, it’s the end of the expansion and it’s time to plan some fun things! It started with our GM mentioning giving away a mount.  Well, yesterday I was making a Delicate Queen’s Garnet for one of our awesome hunters and I had all sorts of agility users purring at me about the gem.  So it’s my gems bring all the boys to the yard! If everyone goes gaga for them, why not give some away?! Giving things away is easy, the next step was to think of a creative way to do this, so what better way than to Google it! These are some interesting things I found, and I added my own adaptation to some of them.

Guild Games

  1. Rat race- Race from point A. to point B.  Make teams for a relay style.  In FL! There’s plenty of mobs you can leave alive that could accidentally be pulled, and the place is just HUGE.
  2. Musical chairs. (YES!!!!)
  3. Best outfit- Lingerie party themed would be f*cking HILARIOUS!
  4. Cow Darts-Everyone brings on their Taurens to Thunderbluff.  The game master leaps off one of the cliffs and dies (not releasing of course.)  Now, everyone gathers at the cliff and tries to land on the game master’s corpse.  Everyone gets 3 tries to land on the game master’s corpse.  Who would have ever thought that dieing would be this fun?! (When we do this, I’ll sooooo video it 🙂 )
  5. Leather ball toss- this one is a game of who can unload more balls onto a friendly player’s bag.  This would be a fun thing to start at the beginning of raid, and do throughout, or simply let loose in a guild pvp match.
  6. Screenshot competition This one seems to be fairly popular, and would be fun to theme.


I’m going to suggest this list to our GM to see what he thinks!

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