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1. You know your are a bad priest when you accidentally dismount 1000 feet in the air, and can’t find your levitate till you hit the ground.

2. You know you are a bad priest when people have to beg for a dispell, and you still won’t give it up.

3. You know you are a bad priest when Leap of Faithing someone to their death is more fun than healing them.

4. You know you are a bad priest when you start listing steps to loosing your sanity.

5. You know you are a bad priest when you refuse to hit the fortitude button for fear of smudging your nails.

6. You Know you are a bad priest when raid time turns into a manicure time.

7. You know  you are a bad priest when you smite the boss, and fade before the tank pulls.

8. You know you are a bad priest when you selectively forget to heal the rogues.  Just because.

9. You know you are a bad priest when you conspire with all the other healers, not to heal on a boss pull, just to see if anyone notices.

10.  You know you are a bad priest when  you start making a list of how bad priests can be O:)


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You play Wow? I play wow! Lets totally link up!  Wait.  What?

That is exactly how this whole story started.

The Plot: I have the luxury of working almost entirely with men at my current job, and it is fastly progressing into somewhat of a nightmare.  I can now say that I’ve denied two the chances of dating me.  The first one got my number because I was intending on helping him with a school project.   Afterwards, I never heard of the school project again, but I was badgered with requests.  Lets go out for drinks! Over, and over again.  He also went on to call me “baby” in texts.  PUH-LEASE.

Needless to say I gave him the cold shoulder, and he got the hint.  Recently, I discovered that one of my other work mates plays Wow! He had just come back, and was trying to get into the game.  We talked wow talk and I agreed to give him my number.  The warning signs had begun.  He plays an alli toon.  O.O What in the name of christmas trees! His character was fairly low-level, so I humored him and made an alli character.  I ended up making a Gnome priest with pink hair.  I was really happy with it 🙂

We chit-chatted about a few different things, and I could plainly see that he was very, very unacquainted with the game.  It was thanksgiving day, so just as I was about to wrap it up and go nap my dinner away he asked if I would like to go out sometime.  I was a bit shocked.  In my head I was like “Pfff no.  Just no.” But my fingers quickly dug my grave and we were all set to go see a movie the following Sunday.

He is charmingly quiet, and non-abrasive.  I had no doubt that this would be an easy encounter, though I was apprehensive to call it what it was.  A date.  I haven’t ventured down the whole “dating road.”  I had a boyfriend all through high school, played like a girl should all through college, and now I am at this crossroad.  What is this thing people call a date?

My definition of a date is when two people, with common interests come together to share quality time in order to get to know each other.  Okay check.

A day prior to our date he asked if I wanted to hang out before the movie.  For some odd reason this made me uneasy.  Now things were starting to get complicated.  I asked him what he had in mind, and it turned out he had nothing really in mind.  I mentioned going out to get a small bite before the movie.  So, I agreed to meet him an hour and a half before the movie started.   It bothered me more than words can describe because he was so adamant on getting together sooner than we had planned.  At this point, this date had become more like a chore for me.   My instincts were starting to kick in, I now know.  Of course at the time I believed I was thinking foolishly.

I wore a fairly conservative outfit.  I wore jeans, with a low-cut top.  Luckily, I had shyed away from my  usual skirt and stockings.   I met him at the shopping center at 5:30, and we shuffled into the local pizzeria.  I absolutely love this pizza shop.  It is run by an italian family that has been making pizza in our town for as long as I can remember.  We each ordered a slice, and I took charge and paid.  Whoops? I know this isn’t the usual method, but I was nervous, and it just happened! He had no problem with it.  We sat and talked about quite a few personal things until about twenty minutes before the movie started.

“Do you really wanna go see this movie?” He said.

“I don’t care.  If you don’t want to we don’t have too,” I replied with a shrug.

“I’ve already seen it, and I really don’t feel like sitting through a movie right now.  I”m really enjoying our conversation.” He said.

Alright, I can’t argue with that.  I wasn’t dead set on the movie to begin with.  Apparently through our conversation I had said some hot sexual words such as “nail” or “hammer.”  He commented on them, and I didn’t entertain the conversation, or lead it in that direction.  At some point we headed out into the shopping mall.  He wanted to avoid everything.  The shopping mall is sinfully tiny, but he didn’t want any part of it.  We got into my car and we ended up sitting there talking.  What came next was catastrophic.

He began by saying, “There’s something you need to know.” Anything that starts with that CAN”T be good.  He went on to inform me that he has a girlfriend.  He has a girlfriend that lives with him.  To make things even more interesting, he not only has a girlfriend that lives with him, but she is bi-sexual and they currently entertain the idea of an open relationship.  ”

She knows I am here right now,” he told me.

The conversation now takes on a different tone.  He began asking me if I was bi-sexual.  I told him I was not.  He then asked me if I’d ever do a threesome.  OMG.  This is just toooooo much.

At that point I had already begun texting my brother and I was planning my great escape.  I decided that we would drive to Wal-mart, and I would look for gloves.  I could tell that he didn’t want to be in Wal-mart.  Apparently, there was too many people that he knew there, and at the other store as well.  It turned out, that he didn’t want to have to explain to other people why he was with another girl.  My mind was blown.

After that he mentioned how he slept with a girl on a first date before.  When did he magically become a dog? At that point he was intending on sleeping with me.  After I bluntly told him that was not going to happen he started persisting trying to get anything out of me.  Wrong thing to do buddy.  He wasn’t getting anything from me.  My disgust level was over flowing.

I called my brother and made my great escape.  That was the worst date I have ever been on.  The worst.  Of course that was the short version of the whole fiasco, but the details are just mind-blowing.  I was so angry.  Infuriated! Take your alli toon and go jump off the biggest cliff you can find!

I’ve been thinking this over for a few hours, and I’m a bit sad about it now.  I feel bad for him.  I hope he can see past his foul ways and learn how to treat a woman like the lady she is.  I understand the whole “seeing what’s out there” mentality.  Been there, done that.  I’m not interested in it any more, and if he is going to spend the next few years of his life trying to get laid at every turn….the dude better get better game! And delete his alli toon.  That is all.

And as for me…I think I’ve just been scared away from this whole dating thing for a long time.  It takes me a long time to snuggle on up to people.  My outgoing personality masks this.  I have a strong protective bubble that few can break into.  This experience is really going to make it harder for the next person to break through.

Reminds me of a really good Disco Priest Shell.  210k absorption.  Take a swing at that.

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After trying to look up some problems within the Priest healing class, I stumbled across a few scenarios within 10 man raids, and 25 man raids.  To my dismay priests were pulling up the rear in healing, followed by druids, shamans, pallys were trailing monks, and it seems monks (being OP) were leading the pack.  Looks like a race, sounds like some BS.  What is the problem here?

1. Level 90 talents, which are supposed to be situational, often pull aggro from unwanted mobs, and if not used perfectly can be a huge waste of precious mana.

The talents are Cascade, Divine Star, Halo.


  • 40 yd range 9% of base mana
  • 25 sec cooldown Instant
  • Launches a Holy bolt at the target that grows in power as it travels, which causes up to 10,290 damage to an enemy, or up to 10,290 healing to an ally.
    This effect can bounce from allies to other allies, or from enemies to other enemies. Each time it bounces it will split into 2 bolts, preferring farther away targets, and never hitting the same target twice. Cascade can bounce up to 3 times.

Divine Star

  • 30 yd range 4.5% of base mana
  • 15 sec cooldown Instant
  • Fires a Divine Star in front of you, traveling 24 yds, causing 3,429 Divine damage to all enemies and 3,429 healing to all allies within 6 yds of its path.
    After reaching its destination it will return to you, also dealing damage and healing to all targets in its path.


  • 30 yd range 13.5% base mana
  • 40 sec cooldown instant
  • Creates a ring of holy energy around you that quickly expands and grows  in power, up to 30 yds away.   Deals up to  20,580 Holy damage to enemies, and up to 34,301 healing to allies,  with the greatest effect at 25 yds.

These talents are completely mana inefficient.   A well positioned halo would be effective, but if judged wrong, the most expensive ability at level 90 now becomes a BUST.  There’s an addon I have yet to try that is called Halo Pro that is supposed to help with maximizing the healing on the target you’ve selected.  It seems worth and try since halo is the strongest talent available.  Though, with people constantly on the move (especially during a raid boss) positioning yourself, and then actually hitting  your targets is another game entirely.  For example, yesterday in LFR I was rolling with halo.  Being a priest, I don’t move unless I have too.  Most times there were a few folks that were a nice distance away, and they got the full benefit of this heal.  Then again, I was trying to hit the tank that was a little further away, and it missed him.  WHOOPS!

2. Mana, and Mana Regen.

So, what do priests have to complain about?

Rapture has been nerfed,  so  instead of giving a certain % of mana back, it gives back mana for 150% of your spirit, which does not even cover the cost of one Power Word: Shield.  So, instead of gemming all out for intel, we are now forced to gem for spirit.  Remember when we could get away with having gear without spirit? Those days are over.  It’s too costly these days.  Get gung-ho for spirit!

Holy’s mana situation this expansion was shocking.  Mindbender is moody.  If it is used on a boss that goes inactive, or if it is used on a mob that dies, there are times when it will return to your side.  I’ve caught mindbender chilling at my side on more than a few occasions, and I wish I could reach through the screen and slap him silly.  I’ve been more mindful of when to use him since these occurences, but I still find him at my side from time to time.

I noticed a lot of people who have been playing disco as their main are now switching over to holy because of the mana situation.  I have been playing holy as my main for about 4 years, going on 5.  Wow time flies! I’m finding holy’s mana situation so awful that I wouldn’t even trust myself with that spec in a raid at the moment.  Needless to say I am tank healing for our first raid boss, The Stone Guardians, so I don’t have the choice to play holy either way.

3. Lightspring or Lightwell

Lightwell has been through its ups and downs.  It started having a bit of a come back in cataclysm, but it seems Pandaria is hellbent on thwarting it into its miserable place.  Unlike lightwell, lightspring heals the players without contact.  After most boss fights I see my lightspring sitting at 14/15 uses.  This could be because I rarely let people fall below 50% health, but I digress.   Lightspring is probably better suited for a raid environment, and remains in my eyes as a weak ability.  I don’t have time to babysit my lightspring, and the original lightspring I put down will probably need to be replenished by the end of the fight.  So how is lightspring really doing? Uh.  About that.

4. Dailies

Welcome to the World of Dailes.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate dailies.  One of my favorite little Shamans used to poke at me to do my Tol Barad dailies every day, and he would even invite me to his group just to get me away from the bonfire in Org.  Soooo.  What’s a healing priest to do when you roll both a holy and a disco spec? Struggle, with tears sweat and blood.  I run disco for dailies and I get gang banged.  Don’t get me wrong, I can do them by myself.  It’s no problem.  I had my cute little warrior friend go with me just recently, and he cut the time it takes me to do them in HALF.  I don’t want to have to ask someone to come with me every day to do my dailies.  There are just too many of them, so what’s a sweet priest supposed to do?

Pick up Shadow.  Respec.  Respec some more.  Or, struggle like it’s the new and upcoming way of playing.  (like me!)

With my experience in Mists of Pandaria, the four flaws that stick out like a sore thumb are : Lv 90 abilities, mana regen, lightspring, and dailies.  Without a doubt, priests have major flaws in their character makeup, and the way that they are able to function within a raid environment, and in the world.  The shortcomings of the priest class are so severe that it is common that they are pulling up the rear in healing numbers.  I feel that my raid is paying a high price for a stam buff and a few bubbles.



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(Disclaimer: This may be biased to the extreme and not 100% informational, but 100% Priest love.  Kgood.)

Now, not only are priests just Sexpots, but they have an entire toolbox of healing abilities as well as two specs to choose from.  I of course play Holy and Disco.  As far as holy is concerned, here is all the abilities at your disposal:

Priest Abilities for both




Inner Fire


Flash Heal

Greater Heal

Holy Nova

Prayer of Healing

Binding Heal

Prayer of Mending

Mass Dispel

Divine Hymn

Hymn of Hope

Power Word: Fortitude

Power Word: Shield


Cure Disease

Fear Ward

Mind Soothe

Mana Burn

Abolish Disease

Shadow Protection

Prayer of Spirit


Leap of Faith

Holy Specific

Desperate Prayer



Circle of Healing

Guardian Spirit

Holy Word: Chastise

Disco Specific

Inner Focus

Power Infusion


Pain Suppression


Power Word: Barrier


Did I mention that Priests have a healing toolbox? And are Sexpots? 🙂 They are healing machines! Holy brings a lot of aoe love to the playing field.  My rotation in particular is brimming with lots of spells that fill health bars right up! It varies because I have so many options, but off the top of my head this is what would happen!

Prayer of Mending (zips around healing lots of people)–Chakra: Sanctuary–Circle of healing–Prayer of healing–renew–flash heal–more renews–mebbe I need to use Divine Hymn?!–repeat and interchange some heals with heal, Leap of faith, and dispell type things! Oh, and our Mastery puts up a HoT called Echo of Light that is triggered by prayer of healing, circle of healing extra.  Ooooo snap! Ticking healing on top of everything else? Are you in heaven yet, because I think I just put you there 🙂

Depending on a Priest’s spec, a priest may be more renew heavy (if specced into it) or may choose to use the useful Lightwell.  It all depends on the Priest’s playing style or raid makeup.  Like Restro Druids, and Shaman, a Holy priest is a strong aoe healer, and can easily give the other two aoe healing classes a run for their skippies! Druids can be tough, but the battle against the furries–In my experience most are furry!–can be won! Though, if you can’t beat ’em you already joined them, so party it up!

As far as Disco is concerned they are the only class in the game whose job is to primarily mitigate damage.  What?! Mitigate damage? YOU MUST HEAL DAMNIT! Oh, us Disco healers do heal, but with a little pizzazz in our healy ass shake.  Disco priests are strong single target healers, and make great use of their shields to lessen damage on the entire party.  Even though they are not bringing the healing love like Holy priests, they are helping out their fellow healers by giving them less work to do–just like a boss!  So, since I have more than enough mana to play with my rotation goes something like this.

Power Word: Shield on the tank(s)–Penance on the tank–Inner Focus + Prayer of Healing to proc shields on the entire party (continuously building how much damage the shields obsorb.  This does eat mana so watch out!)–spot heal with heal–spot shield with Power Word: Shield.

If specced into Atonement–while healing and doing all of this– the priest will be Dpsing by using Smite! This heals the lowest friendly target for 50/100% of the damage dealt.  So, if the priest is hitting for 20k a pop that could also equal a 20k heal.  This is not ideal for all circumstances, but it can sure come in handy.  Atonement healing also procs Evangelism (the wings) which increases the damage of smite, and also cuts down on how much mana it costs by 3-6%.  This can be a very interesting method, that can both assist in dps and heals if effectively used.  Being a main healer and smiting an entire fight while the other healer(s) struggles to keep up would NOT BE THE THING TO DO.  That’s just bad mojo.  I digress. 

So, I’ve told you about the awesome aoeing -damage mitigating-damage-accomplishing-sexiness that is priests, so what does that mean for the other classes? I have observed Paladins, and have recently begun observing the effectiveness of Shamans. 

Paladins are primarily tank healers who can also aid in raid healing.  I was in a 5-man dungeon once back when I was leveling a hunter (a dps toon, crazy I know!) and a paladin said in party chat:

“Are paladins raid healers now?”

I nearly snapped! I was like NO–NEVA–NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  That suggestion was appalling! At that time I had not played a paladin, and now I’ve not only played one but I’ve been raiding with one.  We have the unfortunate circumstances of raiding with two holy paladins.  I don’t care what anyone says–it’s hard.  Not only are holy pally raid heals weak, but they have two aoe heal: Holy Radiance, and Light of Dawn.  Holy Radiance heals all friendly targets within 10 yards for 10 seconds.  Soooo.  If everyone isn’t stacked this isn’t very effective.  The same applies for Light of dawn.  This ability surges 30 yards in front of the caster, healing up to 6 of the most injured players.  Sure, spamming Holy Radiance can work.  I find spot healing to be another effective method.   

Paladins are awesome tank healers and can easily maintain both the main tank, and the off tank using beacon.  As far as the overall healing toolbox options and the whole kitten caboodle Paladins aren’t exactly up to par with priests.   My favorite game is seeing if the priest can outheal the paladin.  Those strong single target heals can easily put paladins at the top of the charts, but if you take a look at Dragon Soul there seems to be alot more aoe happening.  Step aside paladins!

As far as Shamans and Druids are concerned, I am still investigating their healing abilities.  SHAZAM!  I’m currently leveling a Shaman, and the healing options seem pretty basic.  You have your basic heal, flash heal, greater heal kind of thing.  Yea, not much going on there.  Of course there is other things like chain heal, healing rain bla bla bla.  Still waiting for the healing options.  I may end up with five buttons.  I suppose that’s easy enough, but we’ll see!

Druids.  No one likes druids! ^_^

The end.  


Nera 🙂

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I was rummaging around today on the internet, and I googled my character to see what would pop up.   I found a random website that told me the day I joined my guild: June 12, 2009.   I have almost been in my guild for 3 whole years! That’s almost as long as I have been playing.  Back then I was a bubbly player, and I talked to everyone.  I was discovered by our guild’s recruiter and the rest is history 🙂

I seem to keep a lot of my thoughts about the game to myself.  For awhile I though that it wasn’t worth having negative thoughts about guild things because it is just a game, and there was no way it could be worth debating about, or being annoyed/angry/any of those things.  Well, the time has come and I have found my voice!

There was a time where our guild was so active that we had 3 10 mans, and 1 25 man running.  After loosing a few great players to real life things, and more than a couple of falling outs with some bad eggs we are down to one 10 man progression raid, and we are struggling to form a second.  With the return of a great tank, I have no doubt that it will happen, but I can’t seem to shake off the bad attitudes that have been stemming from certain members. 

I get along with everyone.  I never cause trouble, but it makes me frustrated and angry to see members disrespecting other members openly over vent.  It happened just last night, and I could not believe that nothing was said to openly express that this type of behavior is not tolerated, and is punishable.  We have lost so many members over the recent months due to pettiness.  This time it was over a dps having to sit out.  There are consistently more dps than there are raid spots, and people are being unforgiving.

Our guild is about loyalty, respect, and enjoying the company while above all having fun.  At least, that is what I believe.  Other guilds sit people without question (no complaints taken!), sit people for low numbers, and overall show no democracy what-so-ever.  That is not what our guild is about, and it never will be that way.  Some of the people who have left have told me personally that they regret it, because they do not get the same opportunities that they do with us.  


I thought that maybe this has to do with how our officer’s handle things, but at the same time I’m not in a position to really make that judgement.  I’m unhappy with some attitudes.  I’m unhappy about not progressing after I hear from multiple people that our progression raids dps is too low.  I’m healing my ass off over here!  Are we going to hault in progression because people are no longer motivated to improve their characters?

I suggested trying a Survivor style game for raid 🙂 I thought it would be something fun to do, instead of just having the dps roll to see who sits out.  I thought it would be fun, and maybe even motivate people to do better.  It didn’t go over as well as I would have hoped, which after some thought I understand now.  I tried though.  It was compared to the “weakest link” and honestly that was not my intention at all.  I just really want people to lose their attitudes and suck it up a little bit. 

Things don’t always suck like this, there are just those occasions that seem to be popping up a lot lately.

X’s and O’s


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I’ve been on this “I want to learn new things!” kick recently.   I absolutely adore my priest, and lately I’ve been loosing

Morgan Freeman

I just ❤ this picture of Morgan Freeman!

interest in the game, so I figured this could be refreshing.  My priest has been my main forever.  I never changed it, because honestly I love it.  My main spec has always been holy.  I know it up, down, sideways–perhaps even inside out! I used to play around in the shadow spec for years (even though I pretended I didn’t have it O:) ), but for this expansion I needed to take on a tank healing spec, so I started teaching myself disc.

I’m the only fulltime raiding priest in my guild, and really the only priest that is healing raids.  We used to have another disc priest that raided with us, but she had to step away from the game.  In a way, I like having the opportunity to raid with other priests, so I can A) Learn new things and B) Improve.   And who doesn’t like a little priest on priest action? I mean really. 

Anyways,  I raid the Firelands with my guild, so I decided to start pugging BoT and Bwd.  I recently pugged Bwd, and I was very excited to of had the opportunity to run with two other priests.  I believe they were both running disc, and I was running holy.  One of the priests was putting out pretty nice numbers, so I checked into what spells he was using and so on.  He took me by surprise when he whispered me complimenting my healing.  I could have melted! I hate compliments! But, I thanked him. 

I think overall it is important to get outside of the guild sometimes.  There are opprotunities to meet lots of fun new people, learn new things, and to also see things from a different point of view.  It was refreshing, and a few members of my guild even came in, which is always nice.  

Personally, I used to not raid outside of the guild much.  Some people seemed to get a little nervous when I had in the past, but there’s no harm in raiding old content.  I know pugs can be frustrating, but I’m hoping to slip into a few good ones over the next few weeks 🙂

Wish me luck!


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To go Disc, or to go holy, that is the question.

For a good long while our guild was over-run by pallies, and after a few people moved on and a few main changes they vanished into thin air! I miss having a go-to tank healer, but the absence of them forced me to learn disc, which I kinda grew to like.  Spectacular, and great right?! Mostly, yes, but now I did find myself testing out my two specs on different Firelands bosses.  

Our current healy situation is 2 druids and me! Priesty 🙂 And most of the time our two tanks are druids as well.  (we are currently being over run, but the druid pest control service said our infestation is too severe and they split!) Just kidding! 🙂 x’s and o’s to the druids!

Onto my spec choices! This is based on a 10 man group.

Shannox – Since there are two tanks for this fight, I heal the tank on Shannox and run disc.  I’ve found that almost always when I tank heal these days its better done in disc because of shields, mana, and the whole sha-bang.  Plus, being able to shield the raid  and use Power Barrier comes in handy.  The only time I would go holy is if I was set to raid heal, but that isn’t going to happen ^_~

Beth’tilac – AOE AOE AOE! Lots of AOE damage.  I run holy for this fight and chill on the lower level.  If you end up going up, disc would be the better option.  Even though I tank/raid heal on the lower level, the tank on the bottom can easily be maintained by both healers.  Also Holy Word: Sanctuary  comes in handy after Beth lands.  Easy AOE heals ftw.

Lord Rhyolith – I also run holy for this fight.  There’s really only one tank needed in this fight, so between 2 druids and myself, there is no problem.  Holy is my main spec, and I’m most comfortable raiding in that spec, so when the fight is so comfortable I have a little more leaveway to do what I prefer.  As long as he doesn’t drink, it’s not that healing intensive.

Baleroc – This is hands down my favorite fight in the Firelands.  I use disc in this fight and I tank heal.  I begin on the shard target (another awesome priest) and I build my stacks on him, and then continue on the second shard target until the first inferno blade.  After that I just need to pay attention and keep the tank(s) up.   The other two healers assist on inferno blade, and decimation blade.  If I was healing the shard targets, I would probably run disc as well for the simple fact that direct heals would be more beneficial than aoe in this fight. 

Alysrazor – In this fight I use disc and tank heal.  I use a smite healing style, so I like to help the tank get his add down and I LOVE beating on Alysrazor when he lands 🙂 I digress! For raid healing in this situation I believe disc or holy is interchangeable.  The shields will be helpful to mitigate damage, but aoe would be nice to just blast everywhere.  Have fun with it!

Majordomo Staghelm – In this particular fight I run holy.  In scorpion form there are bursts of AOE damage, and with everyone stacked it’s a perfect time to bust out some moves.  In my opinion it is the best spec to run in this fight.  Our mastery is awesome (echo of light) and I believe its very useful in this fight to top people off. 

Ragnaros – So far, I’ve tried out both specs on this fight.  We have a great guild with some really awesome players, and we are progressing on this fight, but we just have not had an epiphany moment where everything just works.  I’m responsible for one of the tanks in this fight, while also raid healing.   If I go disc, the tank will be in better shape, and I can use my shields to help mitigate damage.  I just have a hard time not being able to have those strong aoe heals to correct the health deficiencies, but I think steadier tank heals and shields might be key, especially when the tanks stacks increase during phase one. 

Like I’ve said in my About me section, I’m not an elitist or wow pro, but this is what I found works for me and my guild’s raid setup.  I know I’ve looked for a source that lays it all out, so take it, mutate it, and do what is most beneficial to your group.



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