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This hot little Tomale is a favorite transmog of mine! Not only does it look like she’s wearing thigh highs, but the smoldering shoulders, and animation of the Maw are just AMAZING together.  CHECK IT OUT!

Saucy Level: Hot Tomale!!

Head: Outlander’s Facewrap of Intellect

Shoulders: Mantle of Cleansing Flame

Chest: Crimson Silk Vest

Belt: Girdle of Prophecy

Wrist: Fireheart Bracers of the Seer

Hands: Black Mageweave Gloves

Legs: Black Mageweave Leggings

Feet: Duskwoven Sandals of the Owl

Mainhand: Maw of the Dragonlord

Offhand: Ledger of Revolting Rituals


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I’ve been on this “I want to learn new things!” kick recently.   I absolutely adore my priest, and lately I’ve been loosing

Morgan Freeman

I just ❤ this picture of Morgan Freeman!

interest in the game, so I figured this could be refreshing.  My priest has been my main forever.  I never changed it, because honestly I love it.  My main spec has always been holy.  I know it up, down, sideways–perhaps even inside out! I used to play around in the shadow spec for years (even though I pretended I didn’t have it O:) ), but for this expansion I needed to take on a tank healing spec, so I started teaching myself disc.

I’m the only fulltime raiding priest in my guild, and really the only priest that is healing raids.  We used to have another disc priest that raided with us, but she had to step away from the game.  In a way, I like having the opportunity to raid with other priests, so I can A) Learn new things and B) Improve.   And who doesn’t like a little priest on priest action? I mean really. 

Anyways,  I raid the Firelands with my guild, so I decided to start pugging BoT and Bwd.  I recently pugged Bwd, and I was very excited to of had the opportunity to run with two other priests.  I believe they were both running disc, and I was running holy.  One of the priests was putting out pretty nice numbers, so I checked into what spells he was using and so on.  He took me by surprise when he whispered me complimenting my healing.  I could have melted! I hate compliments! But, I thanked him. 

I think overall it is important to get outside of the guild sometimes.  There are opprotunities to meet lots of fun new people, learn new things, and to also see things from a different point of view.  It was refreshing, and a few members of my guild even came in, which is always nice.  

Personally, I used to not raid outside of the guild much.  Some people seemed to get a little nervous when I had in the past, but there’s no harm in raiding old content.  I know pugs can be frustrating, but I’m hoping to slip into a few good ones over the next few weeks 🙂

Wish me luck!


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One of our guild mates, a Shadow Priest,  has recently started the epic quest line for Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest.  What I really like about this particular quest chain is that it’s really a group effort.  He has completed the quest chain all the way up to Delegation, and at this particular stage he has to complete certain tasks during the Boss fights. 

Shannox –Each time a crystal prism trap is destroyed 3 emberstone fragments appear on the ground.  You need to loot these and create a Dull Emberstone Focus.  This item must then be placed in the area of a thrown spear.  A red marker appears in the location where the item must be used.  If done correctly the spear will charge the focus, turning it into a Charged Emberstone Focus, which can be looted from the ground! Yay!

Beth’tilac-Each Cinderweb Drones drop 3 Chitinous Fragments.  Yes, 3 each.  We seemed to have missed that little tidbit that EACH drone drops 3, and with the fight being a little time sensitive we wiped it a few times.  So, after getting the 3 Chitinous frags you can combined them into a Dull Chitinous Focus.  Then you climb to the upper level, place the item on the ground, then get the heck out of there before smoldering devastation.  After smoldering devastation is cast, the focus will become charged, and you simply go back to the upper level to retrieve your charged Chitinous focus. 

Alysrazor-Each time  a Voracious Hatchling hatches from an egg it will leave a Pryreshell fragment that you have to collect 3 of.  All good things come in 3’s! These combine together to form a Dull Pryreshell Focus.  This focus is placed under Alysrazor in either stage 3 or 4, and when he reaches 100 energy it will become a Charged Pyreshell Focus.  It can be looted from the ground afterwards.   Our spriest was able to do this while still going into the air and doing his normal routine–so it’s not routine altering.

Lord Rhyolith-At random times Rhyolite fragments will appear on the platform, and again you have to collect 3 of them to turn into a Dull Rhyolite Focus.  They look like little dirt piles.  To charge the focus, you place in under Rhyolith right before he does a Concussive Stomp.  Tada! Loot your charged Rhyolite Focus.

The Anvil of Conflagaration– The entrance of the teleporter is found at the end of a pathway located between Beth, and Baleroc.  Inside the portal is the Branch of Nordrassil, which is being channeled by 4 Harbingers of Flame.  Killing them is Phase 1.  After they are killed, in order to start phase 2 our spriest has to attempt to retrieve the Branch of Nordrassil.  Phase 2 is facing the Tormented Protector.  Our strat for this is to tank the Tormented Protector near the portal entrance to avoid the spawning adds in the middle of the room, and to also stack for aoe heals as well as a mass dispell. 

That is as far as we have gotten so far.  We went a little past raid time this past week, but we’ve got the gist of it! It’s really fun to help our Spriest through this because it gives us a little break from the repetative grind of the Firelands.   It also goes to show that our guild is patient, and really just great :).  This accomplishment will be a full on guild effort, and it’ll dull the pain of the post expansion blues. 



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