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So word on the street is that Ginger’s have NO SOULS> The first time I heard this phrase was in college drinking with my room mates.  The blonde hippie that lived on the other side came bounding out of her room holding her finger in the air.  “Ginger’s have no souls.  You know why? Because they are GINGERS!” Well ladies and gentlemen, there you have it.  I think it’s because he was a bad lay, but I digress ^_~


Shoulders: Feralfen Amice of Intellect

Chest: Beaded Robe of Shadow Wrath

Waist: Consortium Sash of the Prophets

Wrists: Crocolisk Hide Bindings of Intellect

Hands: Heavy Linen Gloves

Feet: Aboriginal Footwraps of Spirit

Lets: Thigh-Highs!

Weapon/mainhand: Same as previous.  Nothing new ^_~


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So, it’s the end of the expansion and it’s time to plan some fun things! It started with our GM mentioning giving away a mount.  Well, yesterday I was making a Delicate Queen’s Garnet for one of our awesome hunters and I had all sorts of agility users purring at me about the gem.  So it’s my gems bring all the boys to the yard! If everyone goes gaga for them, why not give some away?! Giving things away is easy, the next step was to think of a creative way to do this, so what better way than to Google it! These are some interesting things I found, and I added my own adaptation to some of them.

Guild Games

  1. Rat race- Race from point A. to point B.  Make teams for a relay style.  In FL! There’s plenty of mobs you can leave alive that could accidentally be pulled, and the place is just HUGE.
  2. Musical chairs. (YES!!!!)
  3. Best outfit- Lingerie party themed would be f*cking HILARIOUS!
  4. Cow Darts-Everyone brings on their Taurens to Thunderbluff.  The game master leaps off one of the cliffs and dies (not releasing of course.)  Now, everyone gathers at the cliff and tries to land on the game master’s corpse.  Everyone gets 3 tries to land on the game master’s corpse.  Who would have ever thought that dieing would be this fun?! (When we do this, I’ll sooooo video it 🙂 )
  5. Leather ball toss- this one is a game of who can unload more balls onto a friendly player’s bag.  This would be a fun thing to start at the beginning of raid, and do throughout, or simply let loose in a guild pvp match.
  6. Screenshot competition This one seems to be fairly popular, and would be fun to theme.


I’m going to suggest this list to our GM to see what he thinks!

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