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Naturally, I decided to make my first post based around the popular ability available to priests at level 85: Leap of Faith.  A lot of debate has surrounded this new ability, along with cries of outrage and dispar.  But the real question is: What gives?

Since the beginning of time, priests and healers alike have been plagued with witnessing group members bathing in patches of fire among other nasty things.  The time of spamming heals and watching dismally as they either drain our mana or die  is OVER.  Yes I said it.  O-V-E-R.  Yes, some of the haters even agree that for those purposes LoF is a very handy ability.  Of course they are right.  LoF is only able to be cast on a person within the group, so many people should consider themselves lucky that the ability is not so loosely available! Who doesn’t like to be grouped with a priest? Wait…don’t asnwer that just yet.

There are priests that are more inclined to use Lof.  I will be honest with you, it is an ability that I thoroughly enjoy.  I have had my moments in raid where I Lofed an individual and A) Killed them.  On purpose.  B) Threw off their groove.  Do I regret it? Nah, never 🙂

What it really comes down to is the fact that I don’t use it during boss encounters in raid, I don’t kill people like its my job (make love not war), and its never done maliciously.  It is tiring sometimes to see all the complaints.  So I have a few simple solutions to change Haters into Lovers! 

1. Realize that if you are randomly Lof, it may very well be a term of endearment.  Priests lof people they are fond of! You should probably hug them for it 🙂

2. If #1 doesn’t apply, and the priest is being a jerkface to the extreme /wave and boot said priest.  There are Lof abusers out there, but not every priest is an abuser! (currently there is no Lof rehab available.)

3.If option #2 is not available, and said priest has to remain within the group most definitely whisper them and ask them if they would PLEASE refrain.  If the answer is no, then you have to ask yourself “Is it worth putting up with?” If not, revert back to option #2.

No one likes a complainer, but it seems that no one likes a Lof abuser.  So my core advice on this matter is: Don’t be that person.  As of right now, Lof isn’t going anywhere. 

With Love,


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