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1. You know your are a bad priest when you accidentally dismount 1000 feet in the air, and can’t find your levitate till you hit the ground.

2. You know you are a bad priest when people have to beg for a dispell, and you still won’t give it up.

3. You know you are a bad priest when Leap of Faithing someone to their death is more fun than healing them.

4. You know you are a bad priest when you start listing steps to loosing your sanity.

5. You know you are a bad priest when you refuse to hit the fortitude button for fear of smudging your nails.

6. You Know you are a bad priest when raid time turns into a manicure time.

7. You know  you are a bad priest when you smite the boss, and fade before the tank pulls.

8. You know you are a bad priest when you selectively forget to heal the rogues.  Just because.

9. You know you are a bad priest when you conspire with all the other healers, not to heal on a boss pull, just to see if anyone notices.

10.  You know you are a bad priest when  you start making a list of how bad priests can be O:)


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You play Wow? I play wow! Lets totally link up!  Wait.  What?

That is exactly how this whole story started.

The Plot: I have the luxury of working almost entirely with men at my current job, and it is fastly progressing into somewhat of a nightmare.  I can now say that I’ve denied two the chances of dating me.  The first one got my number because I was intending on helping him with a school project.   Afterwards, I never heard of the school project again, but I was badgered with requests.  Lets go out for drinks! Over, and over again.  He also went on to call me “baby” in texts.  PUH-LEASE.

Needless to say I gave him the cold shoulder, and he got the hint.  Recently, I discovered that one of my other work mates plays Wow! He had just come back, and was trying to get into the game.  We talked wow talk and I agreed to give him my number.  The warning signs had begun.  He plays an alli toon.  O.O What in the name of christmas trees! His character was fairly low-level, so I humored him and made an alli character.  I ended up making a Gnome priest with pink hair.  I was really happy with it 🙂

We chit-chatted about a few different things, and I could plainly see that he was very, very unacquainted with the game.  It was thanksgiving day, so just as I was about to wrap it up and go nap my dinner away he asked if I would like to go out sometime.  I was a bit shocked.  In my head I was like “Pfff no.  Just no.” But my fingers quickly dug my grave and we were all set to go see a movie the following Sunday.

He is charmingly quiet, and non-abrasive.  I had no doubt that this would be an easy encounter, though I was apprehensive to call it what it was.  A date.  I haven’t ventured down the whole “dating road.”  I had a boyfriend all through high school, played like a girl should all through college, and now I am at this crossroad.  What is this thing people call a date?

My definition of a date is when two people, with common interests come together to share quality time in order to get to know each other.  Okay check.

A day prior to our date he asked if I wanted to hang out before the movie.  For some odd reason this made me uneasy.  Now things were starting to get complicated.  I asked him what he had in mind, and it turned out he had nothing really in mind.  I mentioned going out to get a small bite before the movie.  So, I agreed to meet him an hour and a half before the movie started.   It bothered me more than words can describe because he was so adamant on getting together sooner than we had planned.  At this point, this date had become more like a chore for me.   My instincts were starting to kick in, I now know.  Of course at the time I believed I was thinking foolishly.

I wore a fairly conservative outfit.  I wore jeans, with a low-cut top.  Luckily, I had shyed away from my  usual skirt and stockings.   I met him at the shopping center at 5:30, and we shuffled into the local pizzeria.  I absolutely love this pizza shop.  It is run by an italian family that has been making pizza in our town for as long as I can remember.  We each ordered a slice, and I took charge and paid.  Whoops? I know this isn’t the usual method, but I was nervous, and it just happened! He had no problem with it.  We sat and talked about quite a few personal things until about twenty minutes before the movie started.

“Do you really wanna go see this movie?” He said.

“I don’t care.  If you don’t want to we don’t have too,” I replied with a shrug.

“I’ve already seen it, and I really don’t feel like sitting through a movie right now.  I”m really enjoying our conversation.” He said.

Alright, I can’t argue with that.  I wasn’t dead set on the movie to begin with.  Apparently through our conversation I had said some hot sexual words such as “nail” or “hammer.”  He commented on them, and I didn’t entertain the conversation, or lead it in that direction.  At some point we headed out into the shopping mall.  He wanted to avoid everything.  The shopping mall is sinfully tiny, but he didn’t want any part of it.  We got into my car and we ended up sitting there talking.  What came next was catastrophic.

He began by saying, “There’s something you need to know.” Anything that starts with that CAN”T be good.  He went on to inform me that he has a girlfriend.  He has a girlfriend that lives with him.  To make things even more interesting, he not only has a girlfriend that lives with him, but she is bi-sexual and they currently entertain the idea of an open relationship.  ”

She knows I am here right now,” he told me.

The conversation now takes on a different tone.  He began asking me if I was bi-sexual.  I told him I was not.  He then asked me if I’d ever do a threesome.  OMG.  This is just toooooo much.

At that point I had already begun texting my brother and I was planning my great escape.  I decided that we would drive to Wal-mart, and I would look for gloves.  I could tell that he didn’t want to be in Wal-mart.  Apparently, there was too many people that he knew there, and at the other store as well.  It turned out, that he didn’t want to have to explain to other people why he was with another girl.  My mind was blown.

After that he mentioned how he slept with a girl on a first date before.  When did he magically become a dog? At that point he was intending on sleeping with me.  After I bluntly told him that was not going to happen he started persisting trying to get anything out of me.  Wrong thing to do buddy.  He wasn’t getting anything from me.  My disgust level was over flowing.

I called my brother and made my great escape.  That was the worst date I have ever been on.  The worst.  Of course that was the short version of the whole fiasco, but the details are just mind-blowing.  I was so angry.  Infuriated! Take your alli toon and go jump off the biggest cliff you can find!

I’ve been thinking this over for a few hours, and I’m a bit sad about it now.  I feel bad for him.  I hope he can see past his foul ways and learn how to treat a woman like the lady she is.  I understand the whole “seeing what’s out there” mentality.  Been there, done that.  I’m not interested in it any more, and if he is going to spend the next few years of his life trying to get laid at every turn….the dude better get better game! And delete his alli toon.  That is all.

And as for me…I think I’ve just been scared away from this whole dating thing for a long time.  It takes me a long time to snuggle on up to people.  My outgoing personality masks this.  I have a strong protective bubble that few can break into.  This experience is really going to make it harder for the next person to break through.

Reminds me of a really good Disco Priest Shell.  210k absorption.  Take a swing at that.

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