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STORM PEAKS WEATHER FORCAST: Today will be partly cloudy, with a high of 30 and a low of 15.  Snow will accumulate shortly after maintenance, and dwindle off near the afternoon.

FINALLY.  I nearly jumped out of my seat with joy when I saw the snow blowing around K3.  I had been camping the Storm Peaks for the better part of a week and a half.  The goal was to complete Northrend Tamer, which would in turn give me Continental Tamer.  I was having terrible luck at seeing any sign of snow, and I began to wonder if it was a myth!

My guild master had told me that he had never noticed any snowfall in the Storm Peaks.  I was floored.  Does this snow exist? Well, as you can see above, it most definitely does.  Pets that reside in the Storm Peaks will only show themselves when it is snowing.  These pets are the Arctic Fox Kit, Arctic Hare, Mountain Skunk, and Spider.  The Arctic Fox can only be found in the Storm Peaks.  I searched for a short time for the Rare Arctic Fox kit, but unfortunately I only came across uncommon ones.

It seems to be all up to luck.  From time to time I would ask in General chat if it had snowed that day, and sometimes people would say it had snowed at 3 p.m. , or very early that morning.  I managed to catch it snowing right after maintenance.   If you are hunting up that way, waiting for the pets to scurry out I would suggest to try after maintenance!  Happy Hunting.


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